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July 30, 2021

What Hartford Home Security Services Do You Need To Feel Safe?

What Hartford home security services do you want before you feel safe? As a starting point, you should consider a few simple motion detectors near your exterior doors. Next, you might add with a video doorbell and modern alarm systems.

Consider these choices for your home, but be certain that each device is equipped with around-the-clock monitoring from a a reputable, well-known service.

Motion Sensors Are In Demand Home Security Devices In Hartford

These unobtrusive features are commonly affixed to or around a door or window. Once installed, they employ magnetic field technology to watch over your property. When the field is interrupted, an alarm sounds an unmistakable alert.

It’s important to note that the siren will wake you up from bed if you're home at night, but lacks effectiveness if you’re not there. With that being said, if you implement Hartford home security services from a company that offers 24/7 monitoring, you still get notified when you're travelling or away on business. Once a motion alarm trips, it alerts a monitoring professional, and they will contact both you and your area’s emergency professionals.

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Video Surveillance Cameras Help You Keep An Eye On Your Property

Interior and exterior surveillance systems have proven to be powerful deterrents in the prevention of home invasion. The top products include HD video, panoramic views, and two-way communication. If you connect your cameras to your overall home security system, you can view live feeds on your phone’s app. You also can program your video equipment to react to security alerts -- and vice versa.

If you're uncertain if you should get a video camera installation, start with a doorbell option. These products substitute for the doorbell you have now and hang unobtrusively beside your front door. Then you can see if you’re okay using a camera system. After you get notifications of package deliveries or speak with delivery people via the advanced two-way intercom feature, you can expand your camera system however you like.

Enhanced Alarm Systems Are Important to Keep Your Hartford Property Safe And Secure

When people think Hartford home security services, they think of preventing criminal activity. However, there are many additional components that will keep your residence safeguarded against disaster. To illustrate, a flood detector can help protect your house from damage caused by leaky pipes or a faulty sump pump. A CO detector will instantly alert you to dangerous gas build-ups. And modern fire sensors can notify you quicker and in alternative ways when there’s an influx of heat or excess smoke is detected.

Similar to your motion detectors, the key to worthwhile safety installations is 24-hour monitoring. You will know if a disaster unfolds while you’re not home, so you can hurry back before it’s too late. Your monitoring agents will also reach out to the fire department to make sure help is on the way. Your alarms can also alert you by means of your cell phone app, so you shouldn’t come back surprised by your basement underwater.

Secure24 Alarm Systems Will Help You Find The Right Hartford Home Security Services For Your Residence

Safeguarding your family and possessions is one of your primary concerns, and there are some simple ways to get the Hartford home security services your property needs. Our security professionals will give a clear explanation of your possibilities and find the right security plan for you. Call (860) 288-4370 or submit the following form to start.