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ADT smoke detector in a Hartford family room
May 24, 2021

Monitored Fire Alarms Vs Smoke Detectors In Hartford

The National Fire Protection Agency advises you place a smoke detector.  At the very least, your home should use a smoke detector in every bedroom, the common space outside sleeping quarters, and on every floor of the house (don’t forget the basement). But, should you just place a common smoke detector, or should you pick out for a more cutting-edge monitored fire alarm? Let's break down the monitored fire alarm vs. smoke detector in Hartford dispute and discover which one you ought to use for your loved ones and home.

Typical Smoke Detectors Only Sense Smoke

True to their name, typical smoke detectors only trigger when they sense an abundance of smoke. Then they turn on -- usually with a high-decibel tone -- until you re-arm the device. However, there's no guarantee that anyone will hear the sound if you’re [[away|absent|not home].

Optimally, you need to install robust smoke detectors that are sensitive for both smoke from both roaring and smoldering fires. It might be best to pair your devices so all alarms go off in unison. This way, you always know if there's a blaze from a floor up, even if it happens from a spark in the garage.

Monitored Fire Alarms Alert You To Fire When You Are Home Or Anywhere

A monitored fire alarm appears and mounts the same way as your standard smoke detector. If they discover fire conditions within the premises, they'll sound a high-volume alarm. However, there's plenty of functions that your monitored fire alarms can provide that your smoke detectors can't.

For starters, modern sensors will watch for rising thermal energy in addition to smoke. When they find fire, they'll notify a monitoring specialist as well as ring the piercing alarm. That lets you focus on fleeing from harm’s way while your monitoring center calls police and fire departments. And since your monitoring center is always on, your alarms never fail to notify a professional no matter where you are.

Monitored fire alarms commonly hook into your Hartford home security system. Other equipment paired to the same system can be set to respond when your fire alarms trigger. For instance, your smart thermostat can instinctively activate the ventilation fan, which may help stifle growth. Or have your entire home spring into motion making the lights come on, your smart locks unlatch, and your security alarms neutralize. You can also have your system deliver your smartphone an alert to know that your property is in crisis while you're out of town.

ADT monitored heat detector in Hartford 

The Decision In Monitored Fire Alarms Vs. Smoke Detectors in Hartford

It's obvious to determine what comes out on top in a fair battle between monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors. You just receive so many additional benefits with a monitored fire alarm.

Ordinary Smoke Detectors:

● Activates high-decibel alarm when the device senses an abundance of smoke

Monitored Fire Alarms

● Sounds high-decibel siren when the device senses excessive amounts of smoke

● PLUS has sensors for increasing heat

● PLUS works with your ADT home security system

● PLUS contacts a 24/7 monitoring professionals which will alert emergency responders

● PLUS transmits you a notification to your smart device

Get Monitored Fire Alarms In Your Hartford Security System

To get the most from your monitored fire alarms, use a state-of-the-art security system, like ADT. Lucky for you, Secure24 Alarm Systems can customize your ADT home security package to include fire and safety alarms. Just call (860) 288-4370 or fill out in the form below to start.